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Arrival to the island

To regulate the entry and permanence on the Island, the Chilean government requires all visitors to enter with the FUI form, which must be completed before presenting the airport.

You can make the form here:

To enter the Rapa Nui National Park, you must have an admission ticket that we recommend you buy at Mateveri Airport. This has a value of $ 20,000 CLP for Chileans, $ 10,000 for Chilean children (up to 12 years old), USD $ 80 for foreigners and USD $ 40 for foreign children. This ticket is personal and non-transferable and is valid for 10 days.

The weather

The weather is semi-tropical, characterized by its low temperature fluctuations. In the summer months the average temperature is 27 degrees, while in winter the average is 20 degrees.

What should i bring?

Comfortable slippers Hawaiian Swimwear Beach towel Waterproof windbreaker Sunscreen

* Although most places have a payment system with debit and credit cards and have ATMs, we recommend you bring cash.


Transfer airport hotel - hotel airport

With a cost of $ 20,000 CLP per section, the transfer from the airport, has a small tour to get you in town and show you the points of interest you should know.

Wooden Hot Tub

Ecological and high technology, ideal to relax and recover after a day of hiking and beach.


At room temperature ideal to enjoy with a cocktail.

Private tour

We have local guide team -original from the Island- that will show you every magical corner of this wonderful piece of land.

Ancestral massages

Made with natural oils, to decontract or simply relax.

Daily car rent

At the same hotel, upon availability.